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Order and execution
are the formula
of an effective
accounting solution

Accounting and tax compliance

We provide an effective solution to your company’s accounting and tax needs, no matter its size. Through the orderly and systematic recording of your operations, we prepare your accounting and create financial statements that are useful, true and appropriate, and that serve for strategic decision making and the fulfillment of your obligations with third parties.

Financial and Tax Accounting
Management Accounting
Financial Statements
Updating of Records
Tax Calculation
Preparation and Submission of Returns
Payrolls and Social Security
Supervision and Control

Trust and security
in compliance

Tax Consulting

Our experienced certified and registered accountants will help you to properly fulfill your and your company’s tax obligations. We will also always seek compliance with legal regulations, while benefiting from them as far as permitted, protecting at all times the legal security of your company and its equity.

Advice on Compliance
Planning and Strategy
Tax Returns and Offset
Means of Tax Defense
Transfer Price Study
Corporate Restructurings
Confirmation of Criteria
Specific Processes

We focus
on the details
in order to form an opinion


Through certain rules and procedures that combine the traditional with last generation tools, our auditors are trained to generate professional opinions based on the review of the financial statements or a specific section thereof, from which a professional report is issued to the client that, in a structured way, offers them detailed information on the reasonableness of their figures. We can also submit opinions to the tax authority, where we state and confirm the fulfillment of a certain company’s tax obligations, thereby providing the company and its shareholders with greater knowledge and certainty around this important and delicate matter.

Auditing of and Opinion on Financial Statements
Auditing and Tax Opinion
Opinion due to Sale of Shares
IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) and INFONAVIT (National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute) Opinion
Auditing for Purchase of Companies
Review of Specific Sections
Internal control

Global vision
for your company’s

Business consulting

Our extensive experience as public accountants and company advisors enables us to have a global vision of business and the most recent trends in this field that is always up-to-date. Thanks to the application of certain tools and procedures that make up the unique work methodology of González Armendáriz, we are able to create value for our clients and their companies.

Therefore, our main goal is to be able to give our clients concise and effective solutions that help them set up a better work and organization plan, thereby achieving their goals and, as such, greater efficiency in their finances, which translates into expected and even better financial results.

Strategic Planning
Financial Analysis
Supervision and Financial Control
Business Appraisals
Mergers and Acquisitions
Administration and Human Resources Consulting
Company Creation and Incubation

Your right hand
in your administrative
and human resources

Administrative Services

We understand that the strategic decisions that companies today need to focus on are many and fundamental; actions and efforts that are essential for the growth of the business and in order to respond to the demands of the market and of industry today. Faced with this perspective, it is enormously satisfying for us to become first class advisors by forming a strategic partnership with our clients, responding on their behalf in the face of their administrative and human talent management obligations. We can also carry out this activity remotely, meeting demands and needs in different specific areas.

Accounting and Treasury
Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
Purchases and Accounts Payable
Payroll Calculation
Inventory Control
Human resources
Staff Recruitment and Selection
Company Management
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